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2023 Inductee

Beth Roberg


Perhaps one’s calling begins early in life, where putting the needs of others before yourself becomes a way of life. For Beth Roberge, a lifelong resident of Pawtucket, this has been her life’s mission. This former nun was an educator in the East Providence School system as a 6th grade teacher for over 30 years, offering educational opportunities to our youth. In later years, her perseverance and dedication to the City of Pawtucket, its elders or anyone who needed help in Pawtucket, became quite evident as she found herself serving and volunteering on numerous boards in different capacities.

Beth started her volunteering career at the Pawtucket Falls Nursing Home and continued to volunteer there for over thirty-five years. Beth has been the Board of Commissioners (BOC) Chairperson for the Housing Authority for the City of Pawtucket (PHA) since 2019. As a resident of Burns Manor, a senior complex owned by the Pawtucket Housing Authority, she offers guidance to the BOC regarding a resident’s experiences by engaging with other residents or attending PHA community meetings before PHA monthly board meetings. Beth is also president of the Pawtucket Senior Citizens Council for the Leon Mathieu Senior Center and has been an extremely active member. In previous positions for the City of Pawtucket, Beth has served as a Senior Liaison. During that time, she developed the Senior to Student Snow Shoveling Program which, over the years, has assisted Seniors with clearing their property sidewalk of snow. This was one of the first snow shoveling programs of its kind in the State which paired a Pawtucket High School student with a senior from the city. She coordinated this program for 7 years. Beth has utilized her former training as an elementary school teacher in the successful implementation of this intergenerational program that is still in existence today.

For the improvement of daily living for Pawtucket senior citizens, Beth was the past president of Better Long-Term Care which advocates for individuals residing in long term care facilities. She was also involved with the Friendly Visitor Program, visiting nursing home residents on a weekly basis. Beth is the Burns Manor leader of the Intergenerational Reading Program at the Henry Winters Elementary School, in collaboration with the Pawtucket Housing Authority and the Pawtucket School Department, a program recently recognized by the local press in the New England Association for Public Housing Authorities. Beth continues to be an Elector and Eucharistic Minister at Saint Theresa ‘s church and has continued this work for more than 40 years.

Beth has been a steadfast advocate for the Pawtucket community on many levels, selflessly giving of herself and her time, to make Pawtucket a better place to live. She has made a lasting impact on the countless lives of many people in the community, both young and old. We are pleased to welcome Beth Roberge into the Pawtucket Hall of Fame.

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