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How to Nominate an Individual

The purpose of the Pawtucket Hall of Fame is to honor the contributions of those individuals whose efforts - in any line of endeavor - have added to the heritage of the City of Pawtucket.

Eligibility to the Hall of Fame


The Pawtucket Hall of Fame Committee seeks nominations for people who have made a real difference in the community.  Nominees do not have to be native born to Pawtucket, but must have had some significant impact on the city as a whole.  This award is given to those selected nominees who have gone ‘above & beyond’ in their community service activities and/or who have been vehicles that shine a positive light upon the city. 


A person is eligible for election to the Pawtucket Hall of Fame if that person meets any or all of the following criteria: 


  • Born in the City of Pawtucket

  • Whose reputation was made while a resident of the City of Pawtucket

  • Who has made the City of Pawtucket the home of their business AND

  • Who has made a lasting impact on the quality of life of the citizens of the City of Pawtucket.

To Nominate a Person to the Pawtucket Hall of Fame


A letter of nomination must be sent to the Chairperson listing the nominee's name, and should include a statement why this person is being nominated. A minimum of two additional letters of support from other individuals will be required to accept this nomination.  These letters of support or any other supportive materials may be mailed separately but must be received by the deadline that will support this nomination.  When the committee meets to review and consider candidates, the person who made the initial nomination will be given an opportunity to come before the committee to speak and answer any questions the Pawtucket Hall of Fame Committee may have. 


Letters of Nomination Should Be Mailed To:


Patricia S. Zacks, Chairperson

Pawtucket Hall of Fame Committee

PO Box 3640

Pawtucket, RI 02861

Nomination Checklist

The information recorded on this application may be the only enlightenment the Pawtucket Hall of Fame Committee will have to determine the nominee's qualifications for consideration into the City of Pawtucket's Hall of Fame. It is the intent of the Pawtucket Hall of Fame to recognize worthy individuals who have left a significant and noticeable impact or legacy related to the City of Pawtucket.  To assist you, we have provided the following check list.  







To fully explain in a letter or in essay form all of the accomplishments of the nominee that have had a direct benefit to the City of Pawtucket and have been accomplished in an honorable manner.  

This should be sufficiently comprehensive to fully reflect the accomplishments and outstanding contribution(s) of the nominee as they relate to the City of Pawtucket, State of Rhode Island, the nation or the world.  

A minimum of two letters of recommendation are required to nominate an individual, but as many as needed to fully convey both professional and personal accomplishments.  

Professional publications, awards, recognition, years and summary of volunteerism and certificates earned.  

These materials are very important and give authenticity to the achievements of the nominee and will be highly rewarded by the committee.  Examples of supporting materials may include:  newspaper articles, historical records, letters, pictures, film footage, video tapes, patents, books or additional information not already included.  

Any further information you believe is important to the nomination. It is your responsibility to provide all key information about the nominee to the Hall of Fame Committee to assist them in making their decision.   

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Deadline to Nominate is
May 17th, 2024

Nominations will be accepted between March 1st - May 17, 2024. All nominations must be postmarked no later than May 17 or received via website submission by 5pm. Please note - No additional information will be accepted beyond this date!

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